A selection of club photographs



Members during visit to the airtraffic control tower at East Midlands Airport.



Alf G3KQU operating the HF station, GX3RAL/P, at the International Scout and Guide camp, Stanford Hall, Leicestershire. The view is seen via GX7RAL/M fast scan television link on 23cm. The station was active on all bands from 160m through 23cm using voice, computer generated modes, slow scan and fast scan television.



Alf G3KQU and Chris G1ETZ operating GB2WMS during the Mills on the Air weekend from Shepshed Watermill, Leicestershire.



A trio of operators, Jim G4DZL, Chris G1ETZ and Art G3KWY operating GB2SDP on the HF/VHF/UHF bands from the Century Mobile Theatre at the Snibston Discovery Park during the Museums on the Air weekend.



A general view of members and families at the Annual Dinner 2002 at The Cedars Hotel.



A recent visit to an old Nuclear Control Centre at Nantwich in Cheshire.



A further view of Shepshed Watermill during Mills on the Air.



Operating in the field with (rear left to right) G3KQU, 2E1GYB, G1ETZ, (front left to right) G3KWY, G8AYG (now SK)



Members decorating the club room at the Glenmore Centre.



Trophy presentation for the Inter-Club Quiz.



Members visiting the Newark Air Museum



G4JCH and G4EUF rescuing the antenna from a tree at the Shepshed Watermill.



Scout camp at Oaks in Charnwood